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Puppet Deploy Plugin for Bitbucket and Bamboo

A plugin to trigger a refresh of your Puppet Control Repository on your Puppet Enterprise Master when code is pushed.


  • Simple configuration though the Bitbucket Server web interface
  • Ability to test and diagnose deployment problems
  • Optional (and highly encouraged) SSL certificate validation
  • (Bitbucket 5+) Confirmation of queued update on every git push

Puppet Deploy for Bitbucket Server

Puppet Deploy for Bamboo Server


PDQTest - Puppet Docker Quick-test - is the quickest and easiest way to test your puppet modules for Linux and Windows.


  • Static analysis testing (PDK):
    • Metadata
    • Syntax
    • Linting
    • RSpec
  • Acceptance testing for Linux and Windows:
    • BATS-core
    • PATS (Experimental)

PDQTest acceptance tests can be retrofitted to and PDK enabled module by running pdqtest init.

PDQTest runs static analysis tests within the machine it is running from and then loads a docker container to perform acceptance testing, sharing the puppet module and cached dependencies from your host.

This way you can destructively test your module without risking the host.

Get PDQTest

Want to learn about testing Puppet Code in a classroom environment?

Currently gauging interest level in a short course covering how to get the most bang for your buck in terms of testing Puppet.

Proposed topics:

  • Developer workstation setup
  • PDQTest
  • Test Driven Development with Puppet
  • Mocking OS binaries
  • Onceover
  • PDK
  • How to add tests to new/existing modules
  • Beaker will not be covered

Use the contact form to register your interest.

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